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Environmental Health

FL Dept of Health in Pinellas - Environmental Health

Water Programs 


Whether it's the beach water or the local swimming pool, the Environmental Health Division at DOH-Pinellas works hard to ensure that all public sources of water are safe and free of risks to your health.

Our Water Inspection Programs include the following:

  • Healthy Beaches - get testing information for the local Pinellas county beaches as well as search around the state.
  • Swimming Pools and Spas - check on the inspection results of your favorite public swimming pool or spa.
  • Drinking Water - there are a lot of places that provide drinking water to visitors and/or residents and we check to make sure the water is free of health risks.
  • Well-Surveillance - for those who have wells, we monitor that the wells are free from harmful contaminants.
  • Red Tide (K. brevis) – find information and current reports from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about these algae blooms that can affect your health