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Childcare Licensing

FL Dept of Health in Pinellas - Pinellas County Child Care Licensing Program

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Family Child Care Homes 


Requirements for family child care home providers can be found in:

This form provides information on opening a family child care home. You may also call the Office Board office to request a "Thank You for your Interest" packet.
For more information on opening a Large Family Child Care Home, call 727-507-4857.
In addition, Forms are included on this site.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensed Family Day Care Home provider. The following items are required prior to receiving an application:

Step #1 Training and Documentation

It is imperative that you and your substitute complete the following required training. In your child care business file, keep at least two copies of all training documentation.

Training and transcript information follows. To register for a course call the Pinellas County Schools Training Office at 727-588-6343 or visit

Applicant and Substitute Training:

  • 30-Clock Hour Family Child Care Home Training– Applicant must complete the training. Transcripts are available online.
  • Request your substitute take the following appropriate training: 30-clock-hour Family Child Care Home training if working 40 hours or more a month.


Effective July 1, 2008, the six (6) clock hour Family Child Care Home Rules and Regulations training.

  • Early Literacy and Language Development Training – Applicant must complete a 5-clock-hour or .5 Continuing Education Units (CEU) of training in early literacy and language development of children birth through 5-years of age.
  • If your substitute will work 40 hours or more a month, he/she must take the 5-clock-hour Early Literacy course; – For more information visit  Transcripts are available online.
  • Infant/Child CPR– Applicant and substitute must complete the training. This training is not allowed to be completed online. A list of approved trainers is available.
  • First Aid Applicant and substitute must take this class. List of approved trainers is available.

When the completed packet has been received, requirements have been met, and a specialist has inspected and approved your home, a Temporary Permit will be issued. If all requirements continue to be met, a license will then be issued.  The license is renewable annually.

Social Security Numbers:
The Child Care Licensing Program collects the Social Security number of providers and their household members, employees, and substitutes for the purpose of conducting state mandated level II background screening (Chapter 435 Florida Statutes), a requirement of child care licensure. Social Security numbers are used as a unique numeric identifier for search purposes.

Step #2 Background Screening

Complete the following Background Screening information and submit all together in one envelope (including requirements for substitutes) to:

8751 Ulmerton Road Suite 2000
Largo, FL 33771-3832

Please copy forms as needed making sure double-sided forms are copied double-sided.

The following forms are available on line:
Central Abuse Hotline Record Search– Return one completed form that includes all of the following persons – applicant and all persons in the household regardless of age Complete both sides of the form except for the OCA number and the blocks on the bottom-front labeled “To be completed by requesting agency” and on the bottom-back labeled “Results”.

Request for FDLE Criminal History Information–Return one completed form per person for each household member age 12 through 17 years of age. (For household members over 18, see fingerprint card section below.)

Check or money order –Return one check made payable to FDLE in the amount of $8.00 for each household member age 12 through 17 years for the Central Abuse Hotline Record Search (include name of applicant on money order). This check/money order must be issued separately from the fingerprint check/money order requested below.

Attestation of Good Moral Character–Return one completed form per person for each of the following persons –applicant, substitute, and each person in the household 18 years of age and older.

Employment History–Return one Verification of Employment History form per person for each of the following persons – applicant and substitute. Employment history must include all of the past five (5) years. If the applicant or substitute has been unemployed or self-employed check the appropriate box and note dates. On the Employer Verification Form complete the top portions and submit one to each employer for them to complete the bottom portion, sign and mail to the address listed on the form. Employer Verification Forms will not be accepted from the applicant.

Fingerprinting –The applicant, substitute, and each person in the household 18 years of age and older must be fingerprinted through Livescan services. Please see the fingerprinting link below for information and paperwork pertaining to available Livescan services in Pinellas County.

All Prospective Family Child Care Home Providers, household members 18 years of age and older and substitutes must pass a Live Scan Fingerprint Level II Screening before an Application for Licensure can be sent to you.  

Steps for Provider Registration for Florida’s Background Screening Clearinghouse:

  1. Submit training transcript for 30 Hour Family Child Care Home Training Class
  2. Submit CPR and First Aid certificates
  3. Submit Plan of Operation and Evacuation

Once the Child Care License Office has received the above documents, CCLP will request an OCA number for you.  Our office will then forward you an email with the OCA number and the steps to register in the Clearinghouse.  Once you have successfully registered you may then go to a Live Scan Vendor to be fingerprinted. You will need to check the Clearinghouse for your results and then forward them to our office. Once we have received clearances for all household members, substitutes and provider, along with all other background screening requirements, an application for Licensure will be mailed.

Still Have Questions?

Still have questions?

Call Pinellas County License Board. 727-507-4857



1. Go to
2. From there scroll down to training schedule listed by county and then click on "Pinellas" or click on Pinellas County on the Florida map.
3. Once you have selected a course, click on the register pencil to register fro the class.
4. Enter your social security # and last name.
5. Registration Information will be displayed on the screen. If your information is already in the system, follow the directions on that page. If your information is not in the system, complete all the fields in red.When everything is correct and complete, click on the submit button.
6. Registration Information Check will be displayed on the screen. Check all information to make sure it is correct. A printed copy is not necessary. Your registration is not complete until you go to the school location and pay for the class. You will then receive a Vocational Registration Form to show proof of completed registration and payment.
7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the exit pencil.

Class sizes are limited and fill quickly. You are not registered until you pay for the class at the school where you wish to attend class.

If you have questions or need assistance registering for this course call:

Pinellas County Schools Training Office
727-588-6498 or 727-588-6343

Home with Pool

If your home has a pool, a Child Care Safety Course is required before a license may be granted. The course may be taken online at

On-Line Early Literacy and Language Development Training

This course may be taken on-line or you may select an approved program from the state website.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Early Literacy
  3. Click on Department of Children & Families On-line Early Literacy & Language Development Course
  4. Click on Registration Pencil next to ELC Early Literacy for Children Age Birth to Three
  5. Follow directions.

If you have questions or need assistance registering for this course call: Child Care Training Information Center 1-888-352-2842

Online Training Transcripts

You must submit training transcripts for yourself and your substitute. After you have passed the examination, the 30-clock-hour course will be documented on your training transcript.

In order to access your transcript online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on View My Transcript
  3. Enter your last name and either your SSN (without dashes) or your Student ID
  4. Click the Login/Register box
  5. If the information on the next page is correct, click on the Continue box.You may need to fill in some missing information such as your first name, address, and county if the spaces on the page are blank. The computer will prompt you to fill in the required information. Some information such as your telephone number and email address are not required.
  6. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the blue bear to access the printable copy of your transcript.

Child Care Resource and Referral of Pinellas

Child Care Resource and Referral services are provided by the Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County. To access these services a parent can call (727) 400-4411 or they can access services electronically at any time through the following link:

The public can review a family child care home's licensing history (file review) by appointment at the PCLB office or by accessing Inspection Reports for Centers and Homes.

Training Opportunities

The Training Times is a quarterly publication that contains listings of training for early childhood professionals. Training sessions meet the training requirements for children’s center personnel and child care providers.

Access the 30-Hour Introductory Child Care Training for schedule and registration.