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Childcare Licensing

FL Dept of Health in Pinellas - Pinellas County Child Care Licensing Program

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Pinellas County License Board Members 

by Chapter 70-893, Chapter 2007-277, Laws of Florida:

  • A member of the Board of County Commissioners:
    Pat Gerard
  • The District Administrator of the Department of Children and Family Services or a person delegated by him:
    Celeste Fernandez
  • A member of the Juvenile Welfare Board:
    Susan Rolston
  • The District School Superintendent or a teacher in Elementary Preschool delegated by him:
    Dr. Shana Rafalski
  • The County Health Officer or a person delegated by him:
    Dorothy Duve
  • One member of the Pinellas County Preschool Association (PECA):
    Barbara Backus
  • One member of a Florida Family Child Care Home Association affiliate:
    Pam Gebler
  • Ex officio member of the PCLB:
    Charles Minor
  • Board Attorney
    Colleen M. Flynn, Esq.

Advisory Committee

by Chapter 70-893, Chapter 2007-277, Laws of Florida, and action taken by the License Board on September 30, 1974 and June 27, 1977 and June 4, 2003:

  • Privately-Operated Children's Centers:
    Elizabeth Krakowski
  • School Age Centers:
    Lynn Bittner
  • Faith-based Children's Centers:
    Nina Meyers
  • Two other persons qualified by education and experience in the field of early childhood education:
    Ann Hofmeister
  • Two representatives from a Family Child Care Homes:
    Amanda Neuner
    DaVee Henderlong
  • Richard French